Update on Ajman’s Residential Building Fire: Rapid Response and Recovery

We bring you the latest update on the recent fire incident that occurred in Ajman on Friday 11th August 2023,  which engulfed a medium-rise residential building in the Al-Naeimya area on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street.

Photo Credit: Khaleej Times

What Happened?

On 11th August a fire broke out in in a 15-storey residential building. According to Khaleej Times, “The fire took place in a 15-storey residential building in Al-Naeimya area on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street this afternoon. . According to Major Abdullah Saif Al-Matroushi, Director General of Police Operations, the incident resulted in the burning of 16 apartments and 13 damaged vehicles. The police followed procedures by cooling the building to investigate the cause of the fire. In a post shared by Ajman Police on Twitter, massive flames are seen engulfing the building’s exterior of the building can be seen burnt, as authorities put out the fire.”

Ajman Police reported that the fire, which erupted in a 15-storey residential building, has now been successfully brought under control. Thanks to the swift response of the authorities, no injuries have been reported. Residents were promptly evacuated from the affected building, ensuring their safety and well-being. This incident underscores the significance of fire safety in residential and commercial buildings. It is imperative for individuals and communities to adhere to safety protocols, conduct regular fire drills, and ensure the availability of fire extinguishing equipment in buildings. Additionally, proper maintenance of other potential fire sources is crucial in preventing such emergencies.

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