Obtaining Travel Insurance In UAE

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Having any sort of insurance actually mitigate your percentage of loss that you could bear in the result of any damage occurred. Travel insurance is that type of insurance, in which you make some payment to your insurance company to cover any sort of inconvenience later. There could be many issues happen during travel like loss or theft of luggage, flights getting delayed or being late for your flight.

How Many Kinds of Travel insurance are Covered in UAE?

You are entirely at risk while traveling away from home, your hometown or from your country. Being alone in a foreign land with limited money and open to various unknown issues, it is very wise if you opt for travel insurance. In UAE, you can obtain travel insurance from any bank with different characteristics and advantages. Every plan has distinctive insurance features, it all depends that which one you choose to go for.

Some of the insurance plans are given below:

  • Conventional travel insurance:

In this type of insurance plan, you get standard loss covered like losing your belongings, missing your flight, cancellation of flight, etc. although, you have to pay a low premium, the plan covers all of your expenses modestly.

Medical travel insurance:

Anything can happen during travel, thus, having a backup plan for it is crucial. In an unknown place, with this type of travel insurance, you can turn down many monetary emergencies, especially if you are traveling with children or elderly person.

Family travel insurance:

If you travel with your family more often, then this family travels insurance will help you in covering any unfortunate incident. The incident could be theft of your luggage or missing your flight.

How can you Claim Travel Insurance?

If you are looking to claim your travel insurance, then simply contact your service provider. Every insurance company has its proper form through which they look into your policy and facilitate you accordingly.

The form requires some basic information like phone number, membership number, date of birth, policy number, and etc. many companies offer hassle-free online insurance claim service as well.

What are the exclusions for travel insurance?

Anything that is unusually risky as per the rules of your insurance provider will not be covered by travel insurance. Such cases are hazardous sports, insurance claim within the country, if you have reported the incident within 24 hours, traveling to some war-prone or unsafe region, etc. every company has its own policies related to travel insurance exclusion clause.

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