Third Party Versus Comprehensive Car Insurance – Differences Explained

Owning a car is actually a necessity in a city like Dubai where commuting takes a large chunk of your time. Along with a car, its insurance is also a necessity as RTA does not register new cars or existing cars for the coming year without a valid insurance plan.

There are 2 types of insurance plans to select from; third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. The choice can be pretty simple if you understand the differences between both. Also, the choice depends on your own preference; whether you want to cover any damage to your car or cover the damage that your car causes.

In UAE, it is necessary by law to have third party insurance coverage. Hence, many people do not opt for the comprehensive coverage as it is not obligatory and they will have to pay more for it. However, truthfully, the benefits of comprehensive insurance outweigh the higher cost one has to pay for it. Third party insurance includes the other car that was in the accident but not your own car. It also includes third-party theft and fire as well as death or injury of the third party in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance as the word says, includes damage to your car as well as the third party car that was a part of the accident. It also includes vandalism, damaged glass, fire, damages caused due to an animal hitting, floods, and natural disasters.

Comprehensive insurance gives a peace of mind to the person that if an accident were to occur, his car repair as well as hospital bills will be paid for. This peace of mind may just be worth a few extra dirhams!

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