Stock Throughput Insurance

Stockthroughput Insurance can be an ideal solution for businesses dealing with the complexities of modern supply chains, where goods are transported across vast distances and through multiple transit stages. At UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, we understand these complexities and provide assistance in arranging Stockthroughput Insurance policies that can offer comprehensive coverage for your goods throughout their journey - from raw materials to finished products.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with your business to understand your supply chain's intricacies. We then leverage our relationships with reputed insurance partners to negotiate a tailored Stockthroughput Insurance policy that meets your unique needs, helping to minimize potential disruptions and financial losses.

Coverage for Raw Materials

Coverage for Work-in-Process Goods

Coverage for Finished Goods

Coverage during Transit

Coverage at all Storage Locations

Coverage for Import Duty


Stockthroughput Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect a business’s inventory at all stages of the supply chain – from raw materials to work-in-process goods to finished products, whether in transit or at storage locations.

A typical Stockthroughput Insurance policy covers inventory at all stages – raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods, during transit, and at all storage locations. However, the exact coverages depend on the policy arranged, which can be customized according to your business’s specific needs.

While traditional cargo insurance covers goods during transportation, Stockthroughput Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for goods at every stage of the supply chain, including while in storage and during various processing stages.

To arrange a suitable Stockthroughput Insurance policy, you need to provide details about your supply chain operations, including the nature of goods, transit stages, storage locations, and any specific risk exposures.

Stock Throughput Insurance

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