Product Recall Insurance Policy

In the competitive market, companies face the challenge of product defects or safety issues that could lead to a product recall. Such events can be costly and damage your brand's reputation. UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, with our network of trusted insurance partners, offers Product Recall Insurance to safeguard your business during these critical times.

This insurance is designed to help you manage and mitigate the expenses and impacts of a recall, providing coverage for the costs associated with the withdrawal of products from the market. With our support, we ensure that your business is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to a recall event, minimizing financial loss and protecting your brand integrity.

Recall costs, including transportation and destruction of goods

Customer notification and communication strategies

Product replacement or refund expenses

Business interruption and lost profits

Crisis management and PR consultancy services


Product Recall Insurance is a specialized insurance policy that helps businesses cover the costs associated with recalling a product from the market. This can include direct recall costs, such as transportation, storage, destruction of goods, and customer notifications, as well as indirect costs like business interruption, lost profits, and reputational damage.

Having Product Recall Insurance benefits your company by providing financial protection against the unforeseen costs of a recall. It allows your business to handle a recall smoothly, maintaining customer trust and minimizing disruption to your operations. Additionally, it can cover consultancy and PR expenses to help manage the recall process and preserve your brand’s reputation.

Generally, Product Recall Insurance covers recalls due to accidental contamination, malicious tampering, product defects, and government-mandated recalls. The specific coverage will depend on the policy terms and the nature of the product and industry.

Recall costs are typically calculated based on the actual expenses incurred during the recall process. These can include the costs of notifying customers, shipping products back, storing or destroying the recalled items, and any additional labor costs. The insurance policy will cover these costs up to the limits set within your policy, subject to any deductibles or co-insurance provisions.

Yes, UniTrust works closely with insurers to tailor the Product Recall Insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your product types and industry. This customized approach ensures that the policy aligns with your risk profile and provides adequate protection for your unique business challenges.

Product Recall Insurance Policy

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