Product Guarantee Insurance Policy

Guaranteeing product performance is a significant commitment, and unexpected failures can result in costly warranty claims and damage to your brand. UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC collaborates with renowned insurers to provide Product Guarantee Insurance, protecting your business from the financial burden of warranty claims.

This policy ensures you can honor your commitments to customers without the stress of financial strain, covering the costs of repair, replacement, or refund for products that fail to meet performance standards. Leveraging UniTrust's expertise, we help you structure a policy that aligns with your warranty terms and the expectations of your customers.

product guarantee insurance

Costs for repair or replacement under warranty

product guarantee insurance

Refund expenses for products that cannot be repaired

product guarantee insurance

Legal liability and damages due to product failure

Product Guarantee Insurance

Warranty service and support operations

product insurance policy

Protection for your business reputation post-claim


Product Guarantee Insurance provides coverage for businesses that offer warranties or guarantees on their products. This insurance helps cover the cost of honoring those warranties, including the repair, replacement, or refund for products that fail to perform as promised.

Your business should consider Product Guarantee Insurance to protect against the financial impact of defective products. It ensures that warranty claims don’t become a burden on your finances, allowing you to fulfill your obligations to customers without risking your profitability or cash flow.

The extent of coverage can include the costs to repair, replace, or refund products under warranty. It may also cover related expenses such as shipping costs, parts, and labor, and in some cases, can extend to cover any legal liabilities or damages awarded due to the failure of the product.

When a warranty claim is made, the insured business would notify the insurer as per the claims process outlined in their policy. The insurer then assesses the claim to determine if it falls within the policy’s coverage. Approved claims are paid out to cover the costs associated with the warranty services for the defective product.

UniTrust facilitates the Product Guarantee Insurance process by working with you to understand your warranty offerings and identify the risks involved. We then help you find the right insurance solution that covers those risks, assist in setting up the policy, and guide you through the claims process if and when necessary. UniTrust aims to make the insurance process as smooth and straightforward as possible, ensuring your business is protected and your customers are satisfied.

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