Garage Keeper's Liability Insurance

For many businesses in the auto industry, vehicles are frequently entrusted to their care. Whether for repair, service, or storage, these businesses hold responsibility for not only servicing these vehicles but also for their safety and protection. UniTrust, in collaboration with our trusted insurance partners, arranges Garage Keeper’s Liability insurance policies tailored for businesses who handle customers’ vehicles.

This insurance is pivotal for garage owners, auto repair shops, valet services, and more. Our mission is to guard these businesses against potential liabilities that arise from possible damages to customer vehicles while in their custody.

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Physical damage to customers' vehicles due to collision

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Damage or loss from fire or explosion

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Theft of a customer's vehicle or its parts

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Vandalism causing damage to customer's vehicles

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Weather-related damages, e.g., hail or floods


Garage Keeper’s Liability specifically covers damages to customer vehicles under the care, custody, or control of the business. Regular liability insurance, on the other hand, generally protects against broader business liabilities.

UniTrust collaborates with our established insurance partners, understanding the nuances of businesses that require Garage Keeper’s Liability. By identifying potential risks unique to each establishment, we ensure that the policy arranged offers solid protection.

Yes, Garage Keeper’s Liability insurance typically covers damages to customer vehicles during operations like test drives, as long as it’s specified in the policy.

General liability covers a broader spectrum of business-related incidents, whereas Garage Keeper’s Liability is specific to damages on customer vehicles in your care. So, it’s beneficial for businesses like auto repair shops to have both.

 The premium is influenced by factors like the garage’s location, number of vehicles under care, services offered, security measures in place, and any prior claim history.

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