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In the aviation industry, the stakes are high and so are the risks. At UniTrust, we understand the unique and complex nature of these risks and work tirelessly to arrange a comprehensive aviation insurance policy that keeps you covered. From large airlines and cargo carriers to small private planes and helicopters, we cater to all types of aviation businesses.

Our experienced team takes the time to understand your specific needs and risks, using this knowledge to arrange an aviation insurance policy that provides the best possible protection. Leveraging our strong relationships with reputable insurance partners, we aim to secure a policy that offers the coverages you need at a fair price.

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Aviation insurance typically covers loss or damage to the aircraft (hull insurance), liability for damage caused to third parties, including passengers (liability insurance), injuries or death of crew members (aviation personnel accident insurance), and damage to third parties caused by aircraft while on the ground (airport liability insurance).

At UniTrust, we first understand your unique needs and risks. Leveraging our expertise and strong relationships with top-tier insurance partners, we arrange a comprehensive aviation insurance policy that offers the best possible coverage at a fair price.

Aviation insurance can cover a wide variety of aircraft, from large commercial airplanes and cargo planes to smaller private planes, helicopters, and drones.

The cost of aviation insurance is determined by several factors, including the type and age of the aircraft, its use (commercial or private), the experience and qualifications of the pilots, and the geographical area of operation.

Yes, at UniTrust we understand that every aviation business has unique needs and risks. We can arrange a tailor-made aviation insurance policy that caters to these specific needs.

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