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Life is full of unexpected moments. At UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, we help you prepare for those moments with our guidance in selecting the best Life Insurance policies in Dubai, and across the UAE from our partners. Designed to give you peace of mind, these policies offer financial security to your loved ones in the event of your unfortunate demise.

With our client-centric and innovative approach, we guide you through the process of selecting a life insurance policy in Dubai, and across the UAE  that aligns with your needs and budget. As your trustworthy partner, we ensure that the policy you choose provides the financial support your family would need, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle and fulfil their dreams even in your absence.

The following major plans fall in the category of this policy:

Death Benefit

Terminal Illness Cover

Permanent Disability Cove

Critical Illness Cover

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Income Protection

Funeral Expenses

Inheritance Planning


The Death Benefit provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiary in the event of the policyholder’s death during the policy term.

Yes, if the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the cover allows for an early payment of the death benefit.

Permanent Disability Cover provides a payout in case the policyholder suffers a permanent disability that prevents them from working.

Critical Illness Cover provides a lump sum payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with a specific serious illness listed in the policy.

At UniTrust, we prioritize understanding your unique needs and connect you with policies that offer comprehensive coverage, flexibility, and financial security. We strive to ensure that the life insurance policy you choose provides the financial protection your family would need in your absence.

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