Third Party Liability Insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance is essential for any business, as it covers legal liabilities arising from accidental injury to third parties or damage to their property. As an insurance broker, UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC partners with reputable insurance companies to arrange a Third Party Liability Insurance policy that fits the needs of your business.

These policies provide coverage for legal costs, compensations and other expenses resulting from claims made by third parties due to accidental bodily injury, death or property damage caused by your business operations. Let UniTrust guide you in securing a suitable Third Party Liability Insurance that will protect your business from unforeseen liabilities.

3rd party liability insurance

Legal liability for accidental bodily injuries to third parties

all risk property insurance

Legal liability for accidental property damage to third parties

party liability insurance

Legal costs, compensation and other expenses


Third Party Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the legal liabilities of a business if its operations accidentally cause injury to someone or damage their property.

The insurance we arrange covers legal liability for accidental bodily injury or death to any third party, accidental damage to third-party property, legal costs, compensation and other expenses related to these incidents.

Any business that interacts with the public or whose operations could potentially cause harm to others should consider getting this type of insurance. This includes retail stores, restaurants, construction companies, and many more.

Yes, Third Party Liability Insurance typically covers the legal costs of defending against third-party claims, including court fees, legal consultation fees and settlement costs.

At UniTrust, we connect with our trusted insurance partners to arrange a policy that suits your specific needs. We help you understand the terms and conditions of the policy, ensuring you receive the right coverage for your business.

party liability insurance

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Navigating Liability Insurance with UniTrust

As a prominent insurance broker in Dubai, UniTrust is your trusted guide for navigating liability insurance risks. Our profound understanding of local market dynamics positions us as leaders in delivering top-notch services, especially in third-party liability insurance. We recognise that liability concerns are unique for individuals and businesses.

UniTrust's Expertise in Third Party Liability Insurance

Discover unparalleled expertise in third party liability insurance with UniTrust Insurance Brokers. As one of the leading insurance brokers in Dubai, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our deep understanding of local market dynamics. UniTrust stands apart by being more than just another insurance broker; we are your dedicated team of experts focused on delivering customized solutions.

UniTrust: Your Partner in Third-Party Insurance

UniTrust Insurance Broker emerges as your trusted partner in third-party insurance solutions. Our status as one of the leading insurance brokers in Dubai is underscored by our deep understanding of local market dynamics. At UniTrust, we transcend the role of a typical insurance broker; we are your team of experts dedicated to delivering customized solutions.