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In the shipping industry, the potential for damages to your vessels is a constant risk. Marine Hull Insurance serves to protect ship-owners against physical damage to the ship or boat, including its machinery and fuel. UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC partners with trustworthy insurers to arrange a Marine Hull Insurance policy that meets your specific needs.

Whether your business operates commercial vessels, passenger ships, or fishing boats, we can guide you in securing robust protection for your marine assets.

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hull and machinery insurance

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Marine Hull Insurance is a type of insurance that covers physical damage to the ship, including its machinery and fuel. It is designed to protect ship-owners against losses incurred due to damages to their vessel.

Marine Hull Insurance arranged by UniTrust can cover a broad range of vessels, including commercial cargo ships, passenger ships, fishing boats, and more.

The insurance typically covers physical damage to the ship, including its machinery and fuel. It can also include risks such as war and strikes, depending on the specific policy terms.

While standard Marine Hull Insurance covers physical damages, additional coverage for war and strikes can be added based on your needs. UniTrust can guide you through these options while arranging your policy.

UniTrust connects with trusted insurance partners to arrange a Marine Hull Insurance policy that matches your specific needs. We help you understand the terms and conditions of the policy, ensuring you receive the right coverage for your marine assets.

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