Marine and Cargo Insurance

If your business revolves around shipping goods, you understand the risks that come with transportation. Natural disasters, accidents, and other unforeseen events can cause significant losses. With Marine Cargo Insurance, you can protect your business from such risks. At UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, we work with reputable insurers to arrange a tailored Marine Cargo Insurance policy that matches your unique needs.

We can assist in arranging both Open Cover and Single Shipment options. Open Cover is an ongoing policy covering all shipments your business makes within a specified period, while Single Shipment covers individual consignments. Whatever your business’s size and nature of goods transported, we can guide you in securing the best possible protection for your cargo.

cargo insurance

Loss or damage to cargo during transit

cargo insurance coverage

Open Cover for multiple shipments

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Single Shipment for individual consignments

cargo insurance

Damage caused by natural disasters

marine cargo insurance

Theft or pilferage


Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to goods while in transit, either by sea, air, or land. It’s essential for businesses that frequently ship goods and want to protect against risks during transportation.

Open Cover is an ongoing policy that provides coverage for all shipments your business makes within a specified period. It’s ideal for businesses making frequent shipments. Single Shipment, on the other hand, covers individual consignments and is more suitable for occasional shippers.

Marine Cargo Insurance generally covers loss or damage to cargo due to incidents like natural disasters, accidents during transportation, theft or pilferage.

While Marine Cargo Insurance covers a wide range of goods, there may be exclusions or restrictions based on the nature of the goods, their packaging, and the mode of transport. UniTrust can assist you in understanding these terms and guide you in arranging the most suitable coverage for your goods.

At UniTrust, we partner with reputable insurers to arrange a Marine Cargo Insurance policy that suits your specific needs. We provide you with insights to understand the terms and conditions of the policy, ensuring you secure the best possible protection for your cargo.

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Marine and Cargo Insurance – Anchoring Your Shipments in a Sea of Security

Unitrust’s Marine and Cargo Insurance ensures your maritime ventures are anchored in security. From safeguarding precious cargo to protecting vessels, our comprehensive solutions navigate the complexities of the sea. With a robust Marine Cargo Insurance strategy tailored to your unique needs, cast off knowing your journey is secured with Unitrust.

UniTrust ensures confidence in your shipments with tailored Cargo Insurance solutions

UniTrust Insurance Broker excels at providing top-notch cargo insurance solutions in Dubai. Our commitment goes beyond being just another insurance broker; we are your dedicated experts in understanding the local market and the unique needs of businesses. Whether you’re shipping goods domestically or internationally, UniTrust ensures comprehensive coverage, safeguarding your precious cargo against unforeseen challenges. Trust UniTrust for tailored cargo insurance that aligns with your shipping requirements.

Setting Sail with Confidence: UniTrust's Expertise in Marine Insurance

UniTrust Insurance Broker stands out as a leader in Dubai’s insurance landscape, especially when it comes to marine insurance. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions for vessel protection and understanding the distinctive needs of maritime ventures. Beyond being a conventional broker, UniTrust becomes your partner in navigating the waves of assurance, ensuring your vessels sail with confidence and security.