Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Every business relies on machinery to some extent, and a breakdown can cause significant disruptions, affecting your productivity and bottom line. At UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, we recognize the potential risks associated with machinery operations. Thus, we work with our network of dependable insurance partners to arrange suitable Machinery Breakdown insurance policies in the UAE for your business.

These policies aim to cover unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to your machinery, facilitating speedy recovery and minimizing business disruptions. Our commitment to understanding your unique needs allows us to guide you to a policy that offers comprehensive protection for your valuable machinery.

Repair or replacement costs due to machinery breakdown

Damage to the boiler and pressure plant

Damage to electronic equipment

Business interruption due to machinery breakdown

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Cover for imported machinery


The Machinery Breakdown insurance policies we arrange cover the unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to machinery due to causes such as defects in casting and material, faulty design, faults at the workshop, or careless handling.

Yes, the policies we arrange generally cover the repair or replacement costs of the machinery that has broken down.

The policies we arrange can cover a wide range of machinery types, from standard factory machines to electronic equipment, boilers, pressure plants, and imported machinery. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and guide you to the most suitable policy.

Yes, some of the policies we arrange also provide coverage for business interruption losses resulting from machinery breakdown, ensuring your business is well-protected against potential income losses.

Machinery Breakdown insurance in the UAE is essential for businesses that rely heavily on machines for their operations. However, it can be beneficial to any business, regardless of the industry, that uses machinery and wishes to protect itself against potential financial losses due to machinery breakdown.

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