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When your employees travel for work, you want to ensure they are adequately protected. At UniTrust Insurance Broker LLC, we don't just arrange insurance; we arrange peace of mind. Understanding your unique needs, we aid in arranging Group Travel Insurance policies from reputable insurers to cover your employees worldwide. Our goal is to ensure that your employees are secured against unforeseen events during their business trips, allowing your organization to continue operations confidently and smoothly.

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group travel policy

Evacuation and Repatriation

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Legal Liability

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Group Travel Insurance is a policy arranged by companies to cover employees traveling together on a business trip. It can offer coverage for a variety of travel-related incidents, such as medical emergencies, travel delays, luggage loss, and more.
Arranging Group Travel Insurance helps safeguard your employees and your business against potential risks associated with business travel. This could include unforeseen medical expenses, travel disruptions, or luggage loss, which could otherwise result in significant out-of-pocket costs.
Group Travel Insurance typically provides coverage for medical and emergency services, personal accidents, luggage delay or loss, travel delay or cancellation, evacuation and repatriation, and legal liability. However, the specific covers can vary depending on the policy.
At UniTrust, we assist you in understanding the specific needs of your business and employees when they travel. Based on this understanding, we help you arrange the most suitable Group Travel Insurance policy from reputable insurers.
Yes. We understand that every business has different needs. Hence, at UniTrust, we assist in arranging Group Travel Insurance policies that can be tailored to match your specific requirements, ensuring your employees are comprehensively protected during their travels.
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