Political Violence and Terrorism

The need to protect both yourself and any assets or liabilities in your possession is something that grows in prevalence and urgency every year. Evidenced by past acts of terrorism on a global scale, it can be concluded that, while the risk may be higher for countries with greater political instability, this by no means eliminates the risk for countries that may not immediately share the same apparent dangers. Furthermore, even if you may not be within the immediate proximity of an attack, the implications of one could put you and your assets at a variety of serious risks.

Protecting yourself from these risks with Terrorism and Political Violence Insurance allows you to ensure that any damages to your property (furnishings, buildings, or equipment) are comprehensively covered. The purchasing of a commercial policy would also allow you to any liability claims associated with an act of terrorism affecting your business.

The Types of Terrorism Insurance

Political Violence (War SRCC, Insurrection, etc.)

Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological terrorism

Terrorism and Sabotage

Event Cancellation as a result of Terroristic Contigency

Piracy, Kidnap, and Ransom

Cyber Terrorism