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Protecting your business property goes beyond simple security measures—it’s about ensuring you’re covered when the unexpected strikes. We partner with leading insurers to offer advanced digital asset insurance, safeguarding your virtual assets and operations from evolving digital risks

digital asset insurance

What We Bring To The Table

Robust Digital Asset Coverage

Tailored to cover all aspects of digital asset risks, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs and beyond.

Proactive Risk Management

Our experts guide you in fortifying digital security, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing safety.

property all risk

Efficient Claims Processing

Quick and effective claims services to minimize disruption and restore your operations swiftly.

Scope of Coverage

Our insurance solutions cater to a broad spectrum of digital asset activities: 

Why Digital Asset Insurance?

Our insurance plans offer peace of mind for safeguarding your digital assets, ensuring security against unexpected disruptions and financial losses.

Dynamic solutions evolving with emerging digital asset risks.

Proactive measures enhancing security and mitigating threats.

Maintains continuity with minimal downtime.

Understanding Digital Asset Risks and Protections

This digital asset custodian now offers insurance for assets in both hot and cold wallets, covering cyberattacks, hacking, employee fraud, and physical threats.

The enhanced policy covers losses due to:

Physical Harm

Malicious Destruction



Coverage applies when digital assets are:

In transit (with custodian or secure courier)

In storage (custodian's secure infrastructure)

In transmission (between custodian's secure areas)

Policy Coverage is as follows:

Coverage Area


Hot storage coverage

Transit: physical transport

Storage: custodian’s secure storage

Storage: third-party custodians

Loss due to malicious destruction

Transmission: between secure areas

Cost coverage to reduce loss

External network connection

digital asset protection

Digital Asset Custodial Risks Insurance

What's Covered

  • Premises Damage/Breach: Protection against theft or damage at designated vaults due to fire, water damage, or vandalism.
  • Employee Fraud: Coverage for losses from employees’ fraudulent actions.
  • Third-party Crime: Protection against theft by external criminals.
  • External Wallet Provider Breach: Coverage for theft due to breaches at third-party wallet service providers.

What’s Not Covered?

  • Senior management fraud or misconduct.
  • Fraudulent transactions using legitimate credentials (Client Account Takeover).
  • Blockchain or smart contract failures (e.g., 51% attacks, hacks).
  • Losses from kidnapping, ransom, extortion, or threats.
  • Cyber attacks by foreign states.
  • Quantum computing-related security events.

Liability Insurance for VASPs

directors & officers insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance


Protection against legal liability for wrongful acts, negligence, and breach of duty for directors, officers, and sometimes the company itself.

Claimable Loss

Defense costs

Court-awarded damages and out-of-court settlements

directors insurance policy

Investment Management Insurance


Protection for partners, employees, and the company/fund against professional negligence and other legal liabilities.

Claimable Loss

Defense costs

Court-awarded damages and out-of-court settlements

Other Policy Types

Leveraging our proprietary technology and partners’ capabilities, we offer comprehensive policies for Web3 companies.

Covers property damage and personal injuries at crypto mining sites.

Protects against financial losses from cyber attacks on exchanges or custodians.

Insures Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and smart contract risks.

Covers legal defense costs, settlements, and judgments, including phishing incidents.

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Lootah BCGS
Lootah BCGS
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The proficiency of your team, transparency in all conducts, and timely response along with your honest advice is really appreciable. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended.
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You have demonstrated your strength by providing seamless after-sales service, followed by continuous support to service the policy with quick response time and providing timely solutions which is commendable
Exotic Cars
Exotic Cars
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The professional and expert advice provided by your team for our insurance requirements has facilitated us in a great manner to get our risks covered in the most efficient and effective way
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Please accept my appreciation for the excellent job you and your staff have done over the past several months in the setup and execution of our employee medical insurance.
Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Birla Institute of Technology and Science
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Your staff is proficient and specialized and provide exemplary advice in terms of risk coverage as well as cost effectiveness. Such services build great working relationships
Harlow DMCC
Harlow DMCC
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On behalf of Harlow DMCC, this is to appreciate the insurance services provided by Unitrust Insurance Broker. Your response and assistance has been commendable. Such services builds great working relationships.

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