Ever wondered how insurance would work for a superhero?

Here’s a question that keeps us up at night, how much would some of our favorite superheroes need to pay considering their unusual line of work. Well, we at UniTrust, decided to get to the bottom of it. Here’s what we found:


Estimated Premium: AED 1,634

Plan Type: Term Insurance

Being forever young and, by most accounts, pretty much invincible, it comes as no surprise that Superman would have a lower-than-average life insurance premium. However, we still recommend that he subscribe to at least a term insurance plan because of the whole potential kryptonite thing.


Estimated Premium: AED 3,476,678

Plan Type: Whole Life Insurance

Okay yeah, definitely whole life for this guy. Being one of the only non-superpower heroes on this list, the overall premium of Batman, when assessed with the ridiculous frequency in which he finds himself in life-threatening situations, this plan would suit him best.

Iron Man

Estimated Premium: AED 1,982,290

Plan Type: Whole Life Insurance

The other non-superpower superhero on this list, Iron Man is a perfect fit for a comprehensive whole life plan. Additionally, his ownership of the multi-billion dollar Stark Industries ensures that the events of Endgame won’t affect the corporation too dramatically.


Estimated Premium: AED 100,209

Plan Type: Layered Insurance

The youngest of out the bunch with superhuman durability, Spiderman is slightly luckier than the rest when it comes to a premium. However, being an avenger (and considering the Thanos-snapping-his-fingers-situation in Infinity War), he is by no means, without risk. It is for this reason that we recommend a term plan!

Did you know?

Considering that the collateral damages caused by the heroes of our favorite superhero films can go up to an estimated $474 billion (Avengers: Age of Ultron), the question arises: who’s paying to clean up the mess they make to “save the world”? Well, the short answer is… insurance companies. With a range of plans suiting every possible global-life-threatening situation, our kudos goes to the underwriters for having to think of it all!

How Does This Apply To You?

Who should get it?

Life insurance is best suited for:

  • Adults in their 20s and 30s
  • Familial Breadwinners
  • Investing in your child’s future
  • Older adults

When should you get it?

According to experts, the best time to purchase a life insurance cover is usually in your 20s and 30s. This is the age at which you are offered the most affordable and cost-effective rates.