Owners of SUVs paying more for Insurance

As per an article on Khaleej Times owners of SUVs in UAE are paying 14.88% more for their policies that are fully comprehensive in 2017 as opposed to 2017. This increase in average prices comes in as an outcome of latest tariffs by UAE Insurance Authority primarily introduced on 1st of January 2017.

“Certainly, the worst hit are drivers of SUVs valued at Dh50,000 or under. Comprehensive policies for these cars are now 40.59% more expensive, on average, than they were in 2016. By way of comparison, drivers of saloon cars of the same value are paying an average of just 9.53% more for their fully comprehensive policies than they were in 2016.” as per Radhika Agnihotri, the Insight Analyst appointed at For insurance brokers, this means fighting even more to ensure that their customers get the lowest rates for comprehensive insurance policies for motor.

Want to know how this affects your motor insurance policy? Then visit this link to send UniTrust Insurance Brokers a query about your car details so that we can get back to you with the best rates for your vehicle.

#YourEmployees – Your Strength


Its no secret, your employees are your biggest strength. But what makes them your biggest strength? Well, today we decided to talk on this subject matter. Here are our 3 points for why #YourEmployees are your biggest strength:

#YourEmployees are a family

Yes its true, when someone joins your company, they spend more time with you and on you than anyone else, which is why they become a part of the company’s family, and like every family they try to stick around for you, take care of you and help you at times when you need them the most. They are the source of most of the things that run in our organization and without them, you will not be able to achieve anything. So if you are not already consciously doing this, try to make them feel like they belong to this organizational family.

#YourEmployees know your customers

Your employees are the main people who mostly interact with your customers. They know what your customers want and the best possible way to satisfy their needs. For many customers, your employees are the face of your company which is why it is imperative to listen in to what they have to say about your customers. Their input is essential for the company’s growth and improvements in your services. So, take their feedback from time to time, if you really want to take things forward in your organization.

#YourEmployees have your back

Almost every company goes through a rough patch in their lifetime. Be it something as big as Apple and IBM or a start-up which is still trying to break the glass ceiling. At these times, when the road seems dark and shady, it is important to have all the help you can get; and at these times, it is your strong and faithful employees who stand by you and your objective, and ultimately help you in passing these dark times. So if you want them to have your back, you need to have their back as well. A good medical insurance plan can be a good gesture.

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Stay Healthy – Health Tips to Keep You Fit

Working at a 9-5 job 5 to 6 days a week definitely takes up majority of the time and after a long tiring day, it becomes fairly difficult to keep track of your health, which is why we have decided to write a blog post focusing on health since its Health Day today and you should give some time to yourself as well. Here are some simple tips:

Stay Hydrated

Often at times we are all very busy in our routine lives, so busy that we sometimes even forget to drink water during our office hours because of that one thing, or that one signature. Your body is dependent on water to ensure that it performs all its functions, after all your body is mostly water, isn’t it? So here is a simple trick, keep a bottle of water handy at all times, especially on your office desk to make sure that you don’t dehydrate yourself.

Avoid Junk

Junk Food is your enemy. You do not want to pile up on empty carbohydrates by eating junk food continuously. These might solve your cravings but the outcome will be very hazardous, so its best to avoid junk food as much as you can. Now, we know that its probably not easy to leave out pizzas from your diet, but at least you can start-off by restricting yourself to a few meals a month (or less).

Keep Track

We all carried away at times and hardly even remember what we ate yesterday, which is why it is important to keep track of what you eat. Yes, its absolutely impossible to keep a journal of what you ate, so why not start using technology for this? There are a lot of mobile apps like Noom Coach etc. that help you in keeping a log of what you eat and tell you how healthy it is or isn’t. You can also look at the calories that each food item has. Now, we know what you might be thinking, will this app have the calories for Shami Kebab or Biryani? Well, it turns out that it does, along with a huge range of food items that you can track. Keeping track allows you to make sure that you don’t overeat and control your intake.


Take a walk every evening, probably in a park or even in your locality. On average, an individual should target somewhere around 10,000 steps per day to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Plus, walking can help in reducing stress and strengthen your heart.

Do I Really Need an Insurance Broker?

Do I really Need an Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers in Dubai have increased dramatically in the past decade, but the main question that comes in one’s mind is “Do I really need an insurance broker?” Well, the answer is yes. Here are the top three reasons why you need a middleman to take care of your insurance needs:

Amazing Cost Benefit

Brokers understand the insurance market better, and they are in a position to choose the best policy as per your needs at a very affordable rate. This, almost certainly provides customers with an added cost benefit which they would have missed out, if they had gone directly to an insurance company. Brokers understand the available alternatives and then match them with your needs.

Claim Settlement

One of the biggest issues that many insurance customers face is the aspect of claim settlement, but if you have a broker on board, then the aspect of claim settlement becomes quite easy. Brokers are obliged to talk to insurance companies in Dubai and across UAE to handle your claim settlement, so that you don’t have to run around looking for agents to settle your claims.

Speed and Convenience

Brokers expedite the process of insurance purchase by a massive degree and add a new dimension to your insurance problems – convenience. Many insurance brokers provide quotes on the same day and work via emails and contact forms on website. For e.g. at Unitrust Insurance Broker, if you are looking for Motor Insurance, all you have to do is visit our website and provide us your name, number and email address, and our representative takes care of everything thereon.
So, in a nutshell, opting for an insurance broker in UAE is a brilliant decision and helps in making your life easy while also giving you a peace of mind.